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  1. I tried the Atomic method another 4 times since I posted the last image of the filament after the procedure and it seemed to come out less messy all though not as perfect as I see on demonstration pictures. I tried to print a model (figurine) which went well for a while but halfway the problem reoccured. Thin, crusty layers and a lot of 'hair'. But some parts are printed well. I am using Simplify3D. Temp. 210º, Building plate without heating. I already cleaned the filament feeder. Should I replace the nozzle?
  2. Hello, I am experiencing extrusion problems. Very irregular prints with PLA. So I tried the Atomic method to clean the nozzle. But the filament comes out with a strange dent. Any idea what is wrong here? Thanx in advance.
  3. Thanks, the gap wasn't too big, there was nothing flowing at all, even not before the nozzle reached the bed.I refer material again and then it came out. I had a look at their site, but don't see an English version, I am overlooking something? Cheers!
  4. Thanks, I will try but for now I ran into another problem: the filament (PLA) doesn't come out. So I refed the material. It seemed to work at first, material coming out from the nozzle while feeding. But when I started printing again, nothing. Can the nozzle get clogged?
  5. Out of the box I printed the Ultimakerrobot and it worked fine. Since then I can't manage to make good prints. I tried the robot again but now the filament curls up around the nozzle and/or doesn't stick on the plate. I recalibrate the bed and am printing with factory settings. The filament is black PLA. What can be the problem?
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