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  1. there is no block or anything that stops the extruder, to check that i have operated the extruder by attaching it to the yaxis of the board and watched its movement the motor is completely working there are no issues. i have also tried connecting the extruder at E2 the second connection for extruder still the same...it doesn't work!! tried adding a new machine where the firmware is installed again but still the same, not working. any other solution for my problem?
  2. no its not grinding the filament & yeah i checked the nozzel its not block because when is push filament manually the filament comes out of the nozzel, & the temperature is set to 220 from my 1st print.
  3. thank you for your support have solved the issue, the problem was in the motherboard it was not supplying power to the motors.
  4. hay guys i have printed 2-3 design its was good but suddenly my extruder stopped working there is no filament flow now the motor is stuck while printing , i have checked the motor by changing its pin to yaxis the motor works perfectly but while printing it gets stuck and stops the flow of filament.i have tried most of the troubleshoots and solution given on web but it didnt helped so it would be great if anyone would help me with this.
  5. recently bought ultimaker original+ and assembled it, as per the online guide of it. now when we started the ultimaker to see its working, the motors are not functioning calibration is also not done yet. tried switching the plugs and all available methods on internet to see how will it work, but nothing happened and because of motors are not working head doesnt move nor i can check anything further, the bed gets heated and the nozel also heats up and melts the filament. so if you can help me with the working of motors it would b great. if you want i can send you the pictures of the connections
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