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3D Print posted by ignatius

  1. 3D Printed Drag Knife

    To improve the CNC Router and not just to drill stuff, I also wanted to cut materials like cardboard, vinyl, paper, etc.
    Before to buy a lasercut, I did find in Internet a very interesting tool to transform the Spindle into a cutting machine.
    I wanted to buy the knife tool, but my spindle collet is 8mm, and most of the tools I saw doesn´t fit on it, so I decide to make my own, and after some failed prototypes and test, I made one that until now, after several test it works just great!.
    The blade can be coupled in two different positions, with a cut depth of 6mm or 10mm.
    Component list:
    - 2x bearings with 8mm inner diameter
    - 1x 8mm x 50mm rod
    - 2x collar
    - 9x M3 30mm screws with nuts and washers
    - 2x M3 16mm screws with nuts and washers
    - Blades
    I spend like 30€ on components, but that´s because I bought more than I needed, just to have spare parts, and the 3D printed parts, cost like 2€ with a 2,2kg Colorfabb XT Spoon.


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  2. Bowden tube clip

    Replace of the ´blue horse shoe´ that comes with the Ultimaker Kit.
    This design takes the play out of the Bodwen tube, reducing retraction and underextrusion issues.
    This version is a variation of the ´Ultimaker retraction ring´ made by JelleBoomstra, being smaller, wich allows to rotate it easily, making possible to attach it to the Hotend´s Bowden tube without problems because will not touch the cables (cartridge heater, PT 100, and fan).


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