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  1. ok. so yes both are seized up. by can't move them manually, i meant by hand, and i just checked and that does not change when unplugged. i can try to lube them, but i don't think that's going to help as they did not get worse over time. they went from smooth to stopped. it's not that they move a little, sluggishly. they don't move at all
  2. Z moves up and down just fine on my UMO+, but the X & Y axis seem to have seized up. Can't move them manually or with the controller. Anybody ever seen this before? It was just working fine
  3. acrylic roller broke. snapped into 3 pieces. i replaced it with the bb and it seems to working just fine. thanks for the suggestion
  4. replaced the feeder wheel with one i cnc milled from acrylic and it's like a brand new machine. printing. perfectly.
  5. i know that. i should have said that this all goes back way before the leak and would happen when there was no leak, which was the case up until recently when i switched to the .8mm nozzle hastily and in a bad mood. it's not the cause of the problem. i am sure. also i have switched back to the original bolt until i find a suitable replacement
  6. okay i just sharpened the knurled bolt with a dremel and made a new one with deeper cuts, neither fixed the issue and then i tried both at 220 with a 0.8mm nozzle and still the extrusion stopped after just about 10-15 minutes. i'm completely at a loss...
  7. so, my prints start fine and print beautifully up to a certain point. no under-extruded layer, just a flawless print up to a certain point and then it stops, sometimes after about 40 minutes, sometimes after 5 hours. i just replaced the hot-end with a brand new kit, so i feel it's safe to say we can rule that out. i replaced the little gear on the material feeder with an acrylic one my laser friend cut for me and since then i haven't had any gear slippage like i used to. i replaced the nut on the tension spring, which i found to be stripped and in doing so thought i had finally found the culpr
  8. i updated my profile and just bought a new temp sensor from Gr5. i figure even if i can get the cheap one to work, it'll be nice to have a backup, but this way i can test and rule out whether the cheap one was the issue. such headaches are truly not worth the $10 i would have saved
  9. i recently replaced my pt100 b (for the second time), and upon reinstalling the new one i am getting "err: maxtemp" when i turn the machine on. everything is as it should be, or at least as it was before replacing the wire. only difference is that i removed the fan because the wires melted on the heating block and it no longer works. would this be causing my maxtemp error? any ideas what is? oh, also i bought this one from china at 1/3 of the price. my guess is that the new temp sensor just doesn't work. would this cause the maxtemp error? thanks
  10. my material feeder is doing the kickback and beeping like crazy. prints seem fine. the tension screw on the feeder is as loose as i can get it before it pops out. any ideas?
  11. i'm embarrassed to admit that i think i overlooked tightening one of the gears. the one attached to the small belt on the y axis. it wasn't loose, but i gave a little extra tightening and now i think the sliding is gone. fingers crossed. thanks all
  12. i broke mine when installing it onto the motor. make sure you are putting it on the right motor. the material feeder motor has a flat part on the spindle that corresponds to a flat part on the gear's hole. this part is available on github to print
  13. [/media] this last print made me realize that it's not a height issue, but rather the amount of time it has been printing. this contact lens case shifted after about 35 minutes, despite only being a few mill tall
  14. i broke off the shifted layers and ensuing rat's nest
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