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  1. Thanks very much for your time I will check the infill idea first, then the firmware issue. My firmware is very old.
  2. If the problem is part of the stl why does Slice3r do a good smooth job? Slice3r sucks on infills thats why I'm using Cura, but I cant print a smooth side.
  3. No this pic doesn't resemble my issue but will try rotateing. Thanks
  4. I'm using Cura on a Reprap Mendel. Im getting vertical ribs or waves on smooth surfaces on my prints, on all sides. Reprap forum suggest I try a different slicer, but I love Cura because its the only slicer that I found that does infills. I print a round gear or a box and I get the ribs on the sides, as a matter of fact if I load the gear into Cura and zoom in on it, it shows the ribs.In the past I used Slice3r and had no ribs, but the gear printed with gaps in the teeth. I would give a pic of my problem but my present camera dosent do macro. Please help. Thanks Dave
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