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  1. Thank a lot! This worked perfectly. it prints better than ever!
  2. Thanks guys I'll try that and tell you if that works !
  3. Hi, I have a new UM2, about a month old, and finally I managed to calibrate it well enough that I get really nice prints. The problem is that the X and Y axis are not perfectly perpendicular to one another. Instead of a square I get Parallelogram shaped parts. it's very light so it's hard to see, but when you put it in a CNC frame it won't fit. Here you can see that the 2 parts perfectly fit when they are orientated the same as they were printed. Both X axis are in the same direction and the Y. Here you can see the perpendicularity problem if I rotate one of the parts 90 degrees. So I don't have 90 degrees and I get parts that are like this: What can I do? Please help.
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