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  1. I want to thanks everyone for their quick responses. I will see what i can do to make it less dramatic on the support places.
  2. Hello everyone, I was printing this today and in the first sight, i tought it was a very good print. It is actually a good print but it has one or severe problems that i don't know how to fix it. As you can see it is actually an "okay" print. I do like the quality, but the problem is this. The bottem of my prints lay on rafts, i always get this bad quality. So my question is, how can i avoid this? Do i need to raise the fill density? More build structure? Or is this happening because of my one sided fan duct isn't efficient enough? I hope that someone could give me some advice. With kind regards, Schweppes
  3. Hello everyone, Here is my question. I saw so many awesome phone cover prints, that i had decided to print my own as well. I was trying to print a phone cover on my Ultimaker Original +. After one hour of printing my printer failed like always... Here are the results of printing after an hour. And this was the support.. Here is the file that I was trying to print. Here are the settings that i have used for printing the file. My prints always fails if it's big size. I have no problem with little ones. I guess my problems is somewhere there but i can not figure it out what the exact problem is. But I am not sure if that could be the main problem.. If something is not clear enough just ask me. I hope that I explained the situation very well and hope someone could help me. With kind regards, Schweppes
  4. Hi everyone, This is the result i got after removing the front door of my enclosed box and tweaking the settings a bit. Thank you very much for the quick responses and advises!!
  5. At least i have one answer solved, i think i solved two problems. The first layer sticks also immediately on the build platform after tweaking the settings. I will post a result to show how the results are after printing with open box and tweaked settings.
  6. Thank you very much for the quick responses guys!! When i print without enclosure, i get very good results. The room is also big enough. I tought it would be better when i put the Ultimaker in an enclosed box for better results and to reduce sound of the printer. However you guys explained very well that it is actually a very bad idea to put a Ultimaker in an enclosed box So for now, i will test it without closing the box (i will put the front door away). And if that's dangerous too, i will take the Ultimaker out the box. I am not sure if this is okay, or that i need to get rid of the whole box.
  7. I am a totally noob and yes my ultimaker is in a closed box. The problem with this closed box idea is that i get very bad results in long runs and very good quality in short runs. For an example. This happened last night after 7 hours of printing.
  8. Hi everyone, Here is the issue. I build an Heated Chamber / sound isolated box for my Ultimaker Original +. After 5 hours of printing. My printed object became a mess. The chamber becomes actually pretty warm and i do not know what to do about it because i am a noob. Has someone any suggestions?? Should I close the heated bed or add extra van? Do i need to tweak the settings or is it because of my bad bed-leveling build platform. I want to keep the Ultimaker in the heated chamber. Here are the settings that i use for printing.
  9. It gets pretty warm, so warm that i do not know what to do anymore.
  10. Hello everyone, I am an owner of a Ultimaker Original + with heated bed. As you can see i made a sound isolated box for my Ultimaker and it also serves like a heated chamber. I have finally got rid of the leaking and dripping PLA from the extrusion block (by tighten the brass on the nozzle). Here is a close up of the print head. Here is a picture of my Ultimaker in my own made sound isolated box. Before i start print, i use the following steps: 1. Cleaning the glass. 2. Pre heating the PLA (also the bed). 3. While pre heating, all the PLA from last print gets out the extrusion block until there is not coming PLA out of the nozzle (To prevent leaking PLA from extrusion block). 4. And then i start printing when its preheated and close the chamber with the front door. Last night i started printing a huge file for the first time in my new own made box. And when i got home after 5 hours. The object looked like this. The object was warped. So i start searching the internet and i could not find exactly what the issue could be. I also noticed that when i start printing the first layer. It does not stick very well on the glass (even when i clean the glass always). I got the feeling like there is not coming enough PLA out of the nozzle. I was busy for 2 days leveling the bed so good before i start printing in my own made box. (i can make also a picture between the nozzle and the bed high if it is necessary). I use standard settings for printing the files. So the question is: How does this warping happen and why does not my first layer stick on the glass very well? What did i forgot, or what am I doing wrong. If something is not clear enough just ask me. I hope that I explained the situation very well and hope someone could help me. With kind regards, Schweppes
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