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  1. I want to thanks everyone for their quick responses. I will see what i can do to make it less dramatic on the support places.
  2. Hello everyone, I was printing this today and in the first sight, i tought it was a very good print. It is actually a good print but it has one or severe problems that i don't know how to fix it. As you can see it is actually an "okay" print. I do like the quality, but the problem is this. The bottem of my prints lay on rafts, i always get this bad quality. So my question is, how can i avoid this? Do i need to raise the fill density? More build structure? Or is this happening because of my one sided fan duct isn't efficient enough? I hope that someone could give me some
  3. Hello everyone, Here is my question. I saw so many awesome phone cover prints, that i had decided to print my own as well. I was trying to print a phone cover on my Ultimaker Original +. After one hour of printing my printer failed like always... Here are the results of printing after an hour. And this was the support.. Here is the file that I was trying to print. Here are the settings that i have used for printing the file. My prints always fails if it's big size. I have no problem with little ones. I guess my problems is somewhere there but i can not figure it out what the ex
  4. Hi everyone, This is the result i got after removing the front door of my enclosed box and tweaking the settings a bit. Thank you very much for the quick responses and advises!!
  5. At least i have one answer solved, i think i solved two problems. The first layer sticks also immediately on the build platform after tweaking the settings. I will post a result to show how the results are after printing with open box and tweaked settings.
  6. Thank you very much for the quick responses guys!! When i print without enclosure, i get very good results. The room is also big enough. I tought it would be better when i put the Ultimaker in an enclosed box for better results and to reduce sound of the printer. However you guys explained very well that it is actually a very bad idea to put a Ultimaker in an enclosed box So for now, i will test it without closing the box (i will put the front door away). And if that's dangerous too, i will take the Ultimaker out the box. I am not sure if this is okay, or that i need to get rid of the wh
  7. I am a totally noob and yes my ultimaker is in a closed box. The problem with this closed box idea is that i get very bad results in long runs and very good quality in short runs. For an example. This happened last night after 7 hours of printing.
  8. Hi everyone, Here is the issue. I build an Heated Chamber / sound isolated box for my Ultimaker Original +. After 5 hours of printing. My printed object became a mess. The chamber becomes actually pretty warm and i do not know what to do about it because i am a noob. Has someone any suggestions?? Should I close the heated bed or add extra van? Do i need to tweak the settings or is it because of my bad bed-leveling build platform. I want to keep the Ultimaker in the heated chamber. Here are the settings that i use for printing.
  9. It gets pretty warm, so warm that i do not know what to do anymore.
  10. Hello everyone, I am an owner of a Ultimaker Original + with heated bed. As you can see i made a sound isolated box for my Ultimaker and it also serves like a heated chamber. I have finally got rid of the leaking and dripping PLA from the extrusion block (by tighten the brass on the nozzle). Here is a close up of the print head. Here is a picture of my Ultimaker in my own made sound isolated box. Before i start print, i use the following steps: 1. Cleaning the glass. 2. Pre heating the PLA (also the bed). 3. While pre heating, all the PLA from last print gets out the extrusion bloc
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