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  1. Thanks for your help, guys. Turns out I'm stupid and forgot that there's a safety feature that the extruder motor won't move unless you're heating the hot end (which makes sense), so I didn't actually have a problem with the extruder motor channel. I ended up cleaning my block/nozzle/heat pipe up using a soldering iron to heat them up and a wet paper towel and Q-tips to wipe away the plastic. It wasn't great, but I got most of it off. I also really appreciate the tip about tightening up everything in the hot end while it's hot, that definitely solved the leaky plastic issue, which (I think) was the original cause of the problem in the first place.
  2. In order to swap out the driver chips I would not to desolder the existing one and resolder a new one on, correct? At the moment, I don't trust my soldering skills on the tiny legs of those chips...
  3. This sounds similar to the problem I've been having with my UMO+: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17229-umo-not-moving-extrusion-motor-also-problem-with-burnt-plastic-boogers Does that sound like a similar problem to yours? So far I haven't found any solution, but maybe something similar happened to both of us to make the problem occur?
  4. I recently got and assembled the UMO+ and was able to get a few good prints out of it after some trial and error. However, I was also getting some burnt "boogers" of plastic all over my prints (I say burnt because the grey plastic was turning a brown color). At the time, I didn't mind too much because any that were left over were easy to break off the prints and they still looked good. However, a few days ago I did a print over night, and I think the print head got very clogged, I'm assuming because of running into all of those boogers as it was still printing, the result of which caused the plastic to stop moving through the print head, and the extruder to grind up the plastic filament because it wasn't able to push it through the bowden tube anymore. I've been in the process of cleaning out the print head, aluminum block, etc. (everything around the nozzle got nicely coated in melted plastic). If you have any suggestions for that, I'd be glad to hear them. However, the biggest problem I've found is that since then, I'm not able to control the extruder motor anymore. It was working for a little while after the initial failed print, but now it just won't move the motor at all. Just as a quick troubleshoot, I tried plugging in the extruder motor to the y-motor plug on the motherboard and the extruder motor moved when I moved the "y-axis" in the Move Axis menu! However, the really bad news is that if I tried plugging in a different motor to the extruder plug (in this case, the y-motor) it wouldn't move that-motor either when I tried to move the extruder in the Move Axis menu... Does that mean that there's some problem with the electronics themselves? I've tried reflashing the firmware and that doesn't seem to have fixed it at all. If you've got any other suggestions to troubleshoot or to propose a fix, I'm more than happy to hear! Thanks.
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