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  1. beezerdesign

    floating, unsupported overhangs in Cura

    That's not a bad idea! Don't know why I didn't think of that... I've never done manual supports before though, do you have any suggestions or do you know of any online tutorials or whatever for that kind of thing? Thanks for the reply.
  2. I'm having this problem fairly regularly with the latest Cura 15.04.2 where it will leave some overhanging geometry entirely unsupported. In the past, when I notice in time, I have been able to resolve the issue by orienting the model in a different way on the build bed, but sometimes that doesn't even work or it results in super long print time that shouldn't be necessary if Cura would just be smarter about the placement of the support material. here is one example: The geometry indicated with the green arrow should go up at an angle and eventually meet the main dome structure, but it will never make it that far because all of its initial layers are being printed in mid air... I already reoriented this model once to fix a much worse floating overhang, but still Cura insists that these hooks (which are an important mechanical attachment feature in this print) can be printed in mid air. Unfortunately I didn't see this one in time and now more than halfway through my 16 hour print, there is a wad of spaghetti hanging off of my model where attachment hooks should be. I suppose changing the value for overhang angle for support could fix the issue, but this also would add a significant amount of support material to the domed inside of my model where it actually isn't necessary. Very frustrated. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Blake
  3. Hi friends, I recently noticed that I'm getting some messiness on the sides of some of my prints. I thought it was just a fluke that happens sometime, but when printing the exact same gcode file with a different material, I got stringy flash in the exact same places on the print. See below: Ultimaker PLA: Colorfab PLA/PHA: I had similar blemishes on an ABS print as well. The consistency of the placement of the problem areas makes me think that it is not actually a fluke, but something about the way my UM2 is running the print. Does anyone have any idea what might cause something like this or how to fix it? I don't even know what I would search for... Thanks in advance! -Blake
  4. beezerdesign

    SD Card not seen by my computer

    Thanks for the reply! I'd gladly run out and snag a new SD card, but so far, I haven't been able to figure out if I would need to format it a certain way to work with my UM2, are there instructions or a forum post somewhere for that? Following that train of thought, if the formatting is the cause for my PC to not recognize the card in the first place, then getting a new card and formatting it will be a wasted effort, so I want to be sure this isn't the reason before running to the store for a new card...
  5. beezerdesign

    SD Card not seen by my computer

    Update: As I continue to brows forums for a solution or workaround, I see that there is also no reliable way to print from Cura throug the USB cable? So without the SD card, what are my options for getting my files to the printer? Thanks in advance for any help...
  6. beezerdesign

    SD Card not seen by my computer

    Hi, I just got my new Ultimaker 2 - super excited! I've printed a couple of the sample models from the 4GB SDHC card that came with the machine, so I know the SD card is working. I then put the SD card into my PC's SD card reader (running Windows 7), but the SD card never shows up in my drives list. I've gone through some general SD card troubleshooting forums, but with no success. Just to check, I inserted the SD card I use with my camera (32GB SDHC) and that reads just fine. Does anyone know if there is something about the formatting of a Ultimaker SD card that makes it tricky to read in a standard SD card reader? Is there some workaround or fix for this?

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