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  1. Thanks for the help I will definitely look into the software.
  2. Yep, that'll do it!! LOL Glad you found it out. I asked about the splitting of the model because I had to split a model and found about ten ways to do it, but only one gave me a clean split without introducing gaps or bevels. Out of curiosity what way do u split them? I imported the STL into SolidWorks and manipulated it from there.
  3. Thank you both very much for your replies. It turns out that with any negative "Horizontal Expansion" (I had -0.1), no matter how large "Merged Meshes Overlap" is the model will never touch. Once I set "Horizontal Expansion" to 0, it came together. I hadn't realised "Horizontal Expansion" would be a factor. Thanks again for the help. Ps the part I was printing is Tri Spinner Dual Colour
  4. So when trying dual extrusion I noticed I had a major weakness at the boundary between then different materials. When I checked the sliced files I found there was actually a gap between the parts after they were sliced. I checked and the model doesn't have gaps in it which can be seen in the images below. I was hoping someone might be able to shine some light on this. Also as a test, I set both pieces to use the same extruder and I get the same gap in the sliced model. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a setting that I am missing? Thanks in advance for your help. Christopher
  5. When will dual extrusion be supported again?
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