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  1. I have been fighting with extreme under extrusion the past week or so, I figured that I had a clogged or fouled nozzle so I got a replacement after not being able to fix the problem. With a brand new nozzle I am still having the exact same issue. The perimeters look great but the infill looks as if its printing at 10% layer width. The solid bottom infill looks to be correct but the solid top infill only has a nice finish if 5 or more top solid layers are used. I have done some test prints in Cura as well as simplify3D both produce the exact same result. Printer settings (Cura) Layer height .15 Speed 50 mm/s Temp Ive tried from 200-220 no change. retraction distance 5mm retraction speed 25mm/s Infill speed 50mm/s Infill extrusion width set to 125% in simplify3D Ive tried hatchbox pla, Inventables PLA, and Colorfabb bronze fill all have the same issue.
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