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  1. Hello, I had to do an atomic pull this morning and ended up yanking the nozzle up a bit in the process. After managing to push it back down (not easy), I noticed this white 'gasket' around the nozzle. I don't remember seeing this before. Any thoughts on what this is? Its printing now and seems to be going ok, although there is a rhythmic ticking from somewhere inside the build chamber... IMG_0032.MOV IMG_0032.MOV
  2. Hey GR5, can you take a look at the end of the Bowden tube (above)...is that normal or could that be causing some feeder problems too? Thanks!
  3. It's printing again. Thanks for the tip. Wasn't too bad of a fix after all. And yes, the PLA seemed quite brittle around the feeder. There was a crack/split inside the bowden tube, right above the feeder, and for about an inch or two below the feeder...then it seemed to become more pliable. One other thing, the feeder end of the bowden tube looks a little rough... Is this normal?
  4. Hi All, So I've been playing with the Ultimaker 2 Extended for a few weeks now and I feel like I've got a pretty good handle on how it works...or at least where to troubleshoot when it doesn't work. I've messed with the feeder tension, cleaned the bowden tube, done the Atomic Pull, etc. But I'm not sure what to do about this... I was printing a file and at hour 4+ I noticed that it was not longer extruding (PLA). It wasn't making those horrible clicking sounds from the feeder, just zooming around and not printing. I cancelled the print and tried heating up the nozzle and moving the mater
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