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  1. Every now and then when I buy a roll of innofil or ultimaker PLA, I find that it will snap in the bowden tube or near the extruder, or on the reel. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I store the filament in air tight contrainers with silca gel. Has anyone else had this happen?
  2. This is colorfab red, printed at 40mm/s, all the settings I used before and the print was fine, changing from the original 2 year old extruder I had to the new printed one has helped loads!!! but still a bit rough on the egdes.
  3. A few months back I was able to get really nice prints at 0.2mm, I do 0.2 for bigger prints, I can do 0.1mm without much problem and they look really nice, with the help of Nicolinux from the forum, I have replacement my Z bearings with misumi ones, which he very kindly ordered for me and sent to the UK! I am going to change the Z nut, I have one on order Other things I have tried are.... printing the alternative extruder, this new extruder has helped a lot, but 0.2mm prints are still kind of the same. Cleaned out the nozzle (the pulls looked nice and clean and good shape), I've checked belts are tight, checked that the bars are straight, bearings in the head seem ok, temp seems to hold at any given temp ok, I have checked nearly everything I can think of, can anyone help me please? or know anything else I can try.
  4. Looking to buy a used UM2 in the Southwest or south of England, can collect and pay cash, please private message me
  5. Ultimaker won't replace my bed! I think that's really bad considering the amount of time I've used the printer, so I would advise other people to check their beds, or be prepared for them to possibly warp!!! Just received a brand new glass bed replacement from 3DGDIRE (uk ultimaker support) and that also has slight warp already, straight out of the packaing, I can upload photos to show.
  6. Also just to add, I don't think the screws have anything to do with it as my glass bed warped up wards not down. I have some tiny scratches on one side and that side always faces down, the smooth side has warped upwards.
  7. I also have a warped glass bed and warped heated bed, I had been wondering why some prints were underextruding on certain sections of the bed and not others, then I had the idea of checking if the bed was flat and it wasn't, the photos below show the glass bed one way up and then flipped and also the heated bed warping The stats counter has never been reset, had my machine since Aug 2014 Very annoying, out of warranty but hoping Ultimaker will sort this problem out for me. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
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