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  1. Try to update the firmware, sometimes that's the easiest solution. Another thing is try to heatup the nozzle Maintenance>Advanced>Nozzle Temperature set it up to 200 C if it shows the error while doing this then the problem is that the heater cartridge might be damaged and probably replaced. If it doesn't show the error using the Nozzle Temp test try to use also the Maintenance>Advanced> move material process multiple times by letting cool down the nozzle. If more than three it doesn't show then your heater cartridge is working fine.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently bought an UM2 (a week ago) and it's been having constant error on heater error. It has been constantly up to now that even when removing the filament it shows the error. The firmware is 15.04, anyone have any suggestions for such cause? Should I open and look at connections? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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