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  1. spenter

    Temp error

    Ok next problem. I have steeped back from 3 extruders and am trying for 2. I set number of extruders to 2 and verify that the two are defined in the pins.h file but when I upload the firmware I cannot get the 2nd extruder to move like the first. What am I missing? This is my source for this project. https://reprap.org/wiki/Ultimaker_Diamond No more ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor until I switch to the thermistor over the thermocouple. Is there any decoder to the pin mystery. I follow the pins used in the firmware but it do
  2. spenter

    Temp error

    Thanks for your help. I made the required changes in the firmware and am past that error "ERROR - STOPPED Temp sensor". Now on to the next problem. Thanks Daniel
  3. spenter

    Temp error

    Yes that is it exactly; only I am trying for 3 extruders. I am using a Diamond Hot end for 3 in 1 out printing. there is only 1 temp sensor in the print head. However I installed the hex file so did not make any changes in the firmware. Thanks for your prompt reply and help Daniel
  4. spenter

    Temp error

    I see it has been a while since anyone has posted here but going to try anyways. I have uploaded the latest and version 16.03 firmware and get a Temp erro. I do not get this when original UM2 firmware is installed. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. What would that extra code be? I have a UM original + so the UM2 is a whole new experience to me. It is strange that the home on the z is down not up. Thanks for replying.
  6. After leveling the bd (first start) the extruder does not move. The x and y axis move the head to the front left and hold it there. Are they supposed to go to the limit switches? Material does not move ever. Any ideas suggestions?
  7. Torgeir: Thanks for your help. My problem was due to wires being switched on the cables to the motor. Switched the center two and now on to my next adventure. Could not have done it with out your help. Dan
  8. Torgeir: It is sort of working now. I had to switch a couple wires on all the motors. Now on to the next adventure. Tight x axis and the motor does not move just makes a lot of noise but I am sure that is due to alignment of the frame. Thanks so much for your help I would have spent hours to figure it out if at all. Dan
  9. Torgeir: Thanks for your reply. Both jumpers for the safety's are present. I am getting 23.9V at tp21 3.2V at tp16 4.8v at tp16 1.1V at the resistors in the schematic at tp405,433,418. None of the axis move. Even the Z when it says to turn the knob to move the bed close to the printhead. Should have occurred to me that could cause the error I am getting. Dan
  10. I decided to build a UM2 clone and not surprisingly I am running into problems. Got it assembled and installed the marlin firmware. Using Cura 2.4 and "Automatically upgrade Firmware" When going through the first start up after the last window after you push the button for the last time I get "Z switch broken" and nothing else happens from there. I have metered out the mother bd and am confident it is not a physical switch or mb problem. The mother bd is a 2.1.4. Anyone have any ideas/solutions?
  11. Thanks but it ws a new bd. First time I re-programmed it. I did a build with Arduino. Exported the binary files of which I got 2. One had bootloader in the title. Wrong one to try to program the bd with. Have not been able to communicate with it since.
  12. Here is my latest progress. Managed to program another bd with Arduino. Still cannot program my bad bd. The programmable one has a bad Z switch. Only thing I observe is one bd connects to port 6 the other to port 5 even though I am using the same usb plug on my PC. Could not program any bd with cura 15.4 but could with 2.4 Pronterface only has port 1 and 3. Waiting for my laptop to charge up to try that.
  13. Ok here is my progress. I have used 2 different usb cables. Successfully programmed an Arduino when I though I need to reload the bootloader. Have just tried Cura 15.04 with the same results. The bd still shows up in Device manager when I turn it on and off. Tried unplugging the usb as suggested; did not help.
  14. It is a UM2 I cannot upload the standard firmware now. Was trying to up load custom firmware when things went sideways. Trying to add a Diamond Hotend. 3 in 1 out. I have tried Cura 2.4 and 15.4. Hope this helps. Thanks for your time
  15. While updating firmware on my mother bd something went wrong. Now it will not communicate. The motherboard shows up in printers and devices but when trying to reprogram with Cura it instructs me to plug in the printer. I though it was bricked but from researching this it must not be if my computer sees it. Any thoughts sugestions?
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