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  1. Okay so I just installed blender and extruded the area some more. Not perfectly round anymore but I dont care much (for now). Thanks everyone for helping me to troubleshoot this.
  2. Sorry, im not that much into 3d modelling. As I mentioned earlier im using a object from thingiverse. I opened the model up in sketchup but can't say exactly how much it is because sektchup just tells me ~0mm. The wall is getting quite thin at that part so maybe its less than the nozzle size of my UM2? Is there any way to say "okay, just print it anyway"?
  3. not working for me: using Cura 1.99 (Nov 17).
  4. I am currently trying to print this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:271735 On the files BWG-Elevation-Assembly and BWG-Upper-Alidade, I cant seem to get Cura (15.06.03) to slice the parts correctly. Here's a view of how BWG-Upper-Alidade _should_ look like: but when actually viewing the sliced layers, there is a hole in the part: When I rotate the object around, it gets sliced correctly: Is there any way I could fix this?
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