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  1. Thanks gr5! I watched the video and tried your suggestion but I don't think its the K1 relay. When I set the UM2 to print, the red light for the build plate turns on while the nozzle light remains off. I tried tapping the PCB but it didn't change anything. Also, I have no idea why but the build plate now heats up when I set it to print! I'll test to see if that stays consistent. All that's left is to get the nozzle to heat up as well! Any other ideas though?
  2. Hey guys! So as the title says, my print head and build plate just stopped heating up randomly. I can manually get them to heat up when I go through the Maintenance menu but when I set the print from the SD card, the progress bar doesn't move and nothing heats up. I tried formatting the SD card and I also tried an SD card from my other Ultimaker 2 but it just doesn't work on this Ultimaker. I checked all the wires from underneath and they seem to be plugged in (although I could have perhaps missed something). I bought this Ultimaker about 2 weeks ago and its worked perfectly up until this
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