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  1. Ohhhhh! Thanks a lot Nicolinux, It s work, I have just added more glue on the platform Thanks
  2. Woww, it s work, thanks so much for the suggestion. Can i ask you another question, I m trying to print the scaffold which is 2.5 mm. Thickness and light 1 g However, my work is detached from the platform before the printing finished. Do you have any suggestion.
  3. Do i have to reverse the abs wire back to the roll? Thanks, pls suggest how? Thanks
  4. Im printing for 5-6 pieces and it s work well, then it did not come out without any stuck abs at the tip of nozzle. Thanks Ps sorry, my net is very sluggish, i thought that the post was not worked.
  5. Hi I have try to print ABS but the nozzle did not inject the materials I have heated up the nozzle head 260 c. and move the materials but its still not work. Pls , suggest and help Thank you very much
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my printer. The ABS did no go from the nozzle. I dont know what is the cause? I have tried to heat up the nozzle and move the materials But it s still not work. Pls, help and suggest Thank you very much
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