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  1. You were totally right, found this little thing in my model! Fixed it right away, thanks!
  2. Quick question for anyone that can give me a tip. This isn't really the end of the world but it is kinda bugging me and I can't seem to figure out why its doing this. Basically Cura is telling me I can't print anything behind my object which is fine, but why is it so large for this specific piece? Not only do I only have one object on the platform, but I even have it set to print everything at once. Even more is that this is the only thing that's doing it for me, the rest of the case is just fine. Any ideas?
  3. Yep, that's exactly it. Here are some pictures. So the cube is 20mm and at .1mm layers this makes it 200 layers. I have my bottom and top thickness set to .2mm which makes them the first and last two layers. When I don't have a raft enabled it works out just fine, you can see the top (last two) layers are solid. So here I have the raft enabled and the raft is a total of .3mm making it 3 layers in this case. You can see the actual cube starts printing on layer 4. This is the last layer of the print (200). As you can see the 3 layers of the raft have taken away from the top 3 layers of the cube and not just added 3 underneath resulting in the cube being unfinished. Do I just have to make the cube into a rectangle? I feel like that would be the wrong way to go about this, because what if you have some awkward shape that you can't just vertically extend? If it helps, this is what I'm trying to print. And any help in terms of what setting to use that would be best to print would be awesome too. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BydxCTJ7iX8WRVBaNzdxSTVteGc/view?usp=sharing
  4. I'm fairly new to 3D printing so any help would be great. I'm printing with ABS, and using a heated metal build plate along with a perforated board. Because I'm using a perforated board I'm going to print with a raft, but I can't seem to get it quite right. Whenever I add a raft in the print settings the layers of the raft take away from the total height of the object, which for me is a problem because i need the print to be as accurate as possible. I've looked around and can't seem to get any kind of answer. Thanks in advance
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