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  1. The printer works perfectly - I just don't have much time for more hobbies. Printer has 473 print hours logged and comes with all original parts. Also comes with 4x PLA spools of varying amounts/colors. Asking price $1800 USD. I would prefer to sell to someone in the Seattle area but I wouldn't be against shipping it to someone who is willing to pay for shipping.
  2. Fan is working just fine. Could you explain this one a little more? When I inspect it, the filament is fatter at the very end because its trying to shove more material in than is coming out. I could be perceiving this wrong. Could you explain
  3. I am not sure what else I can do about this. Here is what's going on. To preface this - I have an Ultimaker 2 and 439 print time on it. It is fairly new. I can start a normal print and eventually after maybe an hour I will start hearing the filament feeder start slipping as it's feeding filament in. If it is a long print (8+ hours) the filament will stop coming out of the hot end. After the print looks like it has failed, I abort the print and then pull the filament out of the hot end to inspect it. The end of the filament is mushroomed and definitely looks like TOO much filament is getting pushed into the head. Or maybe not enough filament is coming out. Although, the print's look totally fine (until it fails). I have tried cleaning out the head using atomic pulls. I can see light through the hole of the hot end and I don't see any obstructions. Any clue what I can do to try to slow down the filament? Does this even seem like it might be the culprit? Thanks for any help!
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