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  1. Howdy SLmona91 - Working with Nylon can be a real pain. The parameters that gr5 suggested will set you on the right path. However, even with the printer perfectly configured, I struggled with this for quite some time until I witnessed first hand what was causing my prints to fail. I noticed a small piece of filament coming directly out of the print head was waving around in the air. Upon further investigation, I realized a very small draft was impacting my print quality (probably from a ceiling fan in my office) based on that finding, I purchased the advanced 3D printing kit and problem solve
  2. Thanks neotko and ohms. Talked to Taulman and they recommended reducing the fill to somewhere in the order of 60% as any higher does not add strength. That works fine for me. They also recommended using a HT print bed from Geckotek3d.com. Having said that, I see Ultimate has Advanced printing add-on for my machine which may help as well so probably going check that out first.
  3. I am working on a project which requires printing with food safe Nylon. I am using Taulman Nylon 680. I have a Ultimaker 2 + Extended printer. I have tried multiple configurations and have found that my best prints results from using .2 mm layer, nozzle temp of 252 C, retraction disabled, print speeds of 40 to 50 mm/s and no fan. For the small parts, they are printing fine and I have had limited success on larger parts at partial fills (normally 20 to 40 %) My problem is occurs on large parts (i.e. a 75 mm diameter disc 8 mm thick) when using 100% fill and I can't find a configuration that kee
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