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  1. After 2 days of continuous research and trying different things, i thing I might have found the issue.... Its the Acceleration and X/Y Jerk. TinkerGnome has it as 3000mm/s and 20mm/s respectively, I halved them to 1500 and 10. The lines have almost disappeared, but i would like to go back to perfect prints. For those that know about such things, can i go any lower? Iam too afraid to try :( What happens when I lower these settings? Cheers
  2. Alright, i tried it. It extrudes exactly 100mm, 150mm and 275mm as per my test. Disassembled the head and "spun" the linear bearings around. Cant tell if they are in an x or + position. Lubricated with sewing machine oil. Put on a new roll of filament. Doing a test print now........
  3. Cool, will try it and report back! 2.85mm filament @ 190 degrees Could it be head wobble? Someone seems to think its that!
  4. Hey folks I upgraded my feeder to a BondTech last night on my UM2. Now Iam getting horizontal lines on prints and are very clearly visible. Printing as same settings as before, but I did upgrade to a custom firmware. Please help, Iam completely lost as to what could be causing the issue. Much appreciated
  5. Hey folks Recently my UM2 has started to grind filament and there is no stopping it :( It grinds at random times, normally a couple of hours into the print. Things I've tried so far: -new nozzle, Ptfe and the metal thing that holds the nozzle (no i2k isolator as I didn't have one. The Ptfe is the original UM2 one, had one sitting spare.) -Roberts feeder v2 following this tutorial: http://www.ideato3d.be/tutoriels/how-do-i-change-the-feeder-of-the-ultimaker-2/ -the yolk is a 38mm, and the bearing touches the feeder when there is no material inserted. Is this normal? I left the spring exactly at 13mm as per the tutorial. -took the cover off the inside of the machine and pointed a 15cm desk fan at the feeder motor. It never exceeds 35°C, but Iam trying to eliminate everything. -the boden at the feeder end had grinding on the walls, so what I did was cut it back about 4mm and smooth out the walls into a "cone" the the ver end with a hobby knife to eliminate unwanted friction. Things to note: -after Roberts feeder was put in, the grinding has lessened. It really has, but it still does it. Is the yolk too tight? -I've changed 3x nozzles, to make sure that's not it. -All fans run. -printing PLA only at 185°C. (The filament is a tad old, set on the roll for about two months while I was out. Can that be an issue?) Please help, Iam pulling all my hair out trying to get this going
  6. So we have come to the conclusion that my bed isn't level and I cant get it to level. Have tried over a dozen times now. Check out the image below: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=979046972212476&set=p.979046972212476&type=3&theater Its getting really frustrating now, I cant find a solution anywhere. Looks like not many have had this issue
  7. Hi guys I have an UM2, and mostly i do large prints. But lately I have been doing lots of small prints and multiples of the same item. I have noticed that my prints in the back corners always lift off the bed and sticks to the nozzle or moves around with the printhead. Have leveled the bed again multiple times, but still not having much luck. Have an Olsson Block but still using the factory print head. Has anyone got any suggestions on how to go abouts fixing this? Cheers
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