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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED The UM2+ nozzle heating bug is gone by the newest firmware update. Got an email from Chris McAdam, where he states, that the very first delivered UM2+ didn't have the newest firmware. So if you run in the same problem, just update your firmware and you're fine.
  2. Thanks alot gr5! I see the problem there, the nozzle is just heating up to quick with the new 35W heater. For myself, I'll go with preheating, as you said, so it doesn't "overjump" these 275C. But I'm afraid that people new to 3d printing just get this error everytime they try to print with the ABS profile. They'll follow the error message, go to the support faqs, check the cable connections as told and are lost, and may returning their UM2+ just because of this silly firmware-bug. That should have turned up first in Lab when Ultimaker ran through their tests... I'll contact the support on this matter, this should be a easy one for them to correct in a new firmware. Thanks again for your quick reply! That's the main reason i chose ultimaker, a solid community is essential
  3. Hey there, I have question about the UM2+ maximum printing temperature. Received my second UM2+ after the first one had a defect heatbed. Everything works, did the initial PLA print, no problem. Then, for the second print, inserted ABS Material, selected ABS in the printers Material profiles and startet the print. The bed heated up and then the nozzle. The nozzle goes up to 272Celsius then a Error is shown on display: ERROR-STOPPED Temp sensor. Then I looked into the ABS Material profile: The nozzle temperatur in the default ABS profile is set to 260 degree Celsius, way to high for my ABS Filament. Changed the Nozzle Temp to 240Celsius and restartet the print. It worked. The temperature went first up to 255C and then settled in on 240C. So my QUESTION Is: Is there a safety feature that shows the temp sensor error as soon as 273Celsius is reached? Is this a known bug, a feature or a defective nozzle temperature sensor? How high should the nozzle temperature go before it safety quits and shows this error message? Someone else who owns the um2+? Would be great if someone can explain if this is bug, feature or defect! Sorry for my bad english and greetings from switzerland =)
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