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  1. "There is a app that has maintenance guides with pictures also" What's the name of the app?
  2. Hi, I've been using my Ultimaker 2 for a couple months and I've logged a little over 200hr of printing. The printer has been working fantastically so far and I'd like to keep it in tip-top shape. What kind of upkeep maintenance is suggested? In the Ultimaker manual all it says is that every 6 months sewing machine oil should be applied on the rods that the printhead slides along. Is there anything else? Some options I could think of are: - Belt tightening - Printhead cleaning - Firmware update - Re-level bed Is any of this necessary? What is the frequency people have found to be optimal? Thanks!
  3. Hi new to the forums and new to printing, I'm printing out CT scans of human vertebra, and I'm using support structures in Cura to stabilize the print. The problem I'm running into is that when I go to pull of the supports they mostly come off, but they leave a bit of material where they were attached. It's not too bad, but I thought I'd come to the forums to see if anyone had some ideas for optimization. Unfortunately I don't have pictures on me right now, but here are the settings I've been using. - Start off with Cura set to basic - Ultiprint, than switch to full settings (so most settings are those of Ultiprint), then I make the following adjustments to those settings: - Layer height = .1 - Shell thickness = 1.2 - Bottom/Top thickness = .6 - Fill density = 20 - Print speed = 20 - Support Data = touching build plate, lines, overhang angle = 40 - Raft turned on - initial layer thickness = .3 - Minimal layer time = 20 - Combine everything type A turned off Additionally, I'm using blue 2.75mm PLA ultimaker filament, the .4 nozzle, and the print temperature set 185F. Like I said, the problem isn't too bad, but I'm hoping that the experts here have some tips and tricks up their sleeves. Thanks!
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