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  1. Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2+ firmware was the issue. When connected to the PC in charge of the printings, the PC recognised as the plus model, updating the drivers to the wrong ones, and making the motor work in opposite direction. PC used was a Windows 7 with Cura Edited as SOLVED and thanks for the fast response with the possible issues.
  2. A normal Ultimaker2, and no firmware change has been made yet. Not even looked into it. As stated, is been tested for less than 1 day; Printer is new. - First impression was smooth and ok. The robot from the SD card that Ultimaker2 brings along with the Printer. - Second was wrong, but we blamed our design as part of the problem. - Thirdly we tried the robot again, to try to locate our error, but error seems to be in configuration somehow and problem remains. P.S.: I'm completing the profile
  3. I have a similar problem like the guy on this thread: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/6195-um2-feeder-motor-turn-reversal But in my case the motor only works reversal when printing. I mean, i can change the filament fine, both removal and insert new ones, but when i going to print the motor, instead of pushing it forwards, it push it away, like trying to remove it, so no printing at all. The printer is a brand new Ultimaker2, only printed once, the test ultimaker robot model. After the test robot we tried to print a custom 3d model with the motor problem so we blame our design and went back to another robot, but no joy. Motor problem while printing remains. After a factory reset, problem remains too. Any information in the issue? As is new i'm contacting my selling retailer too.
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