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  1. Today I finally found and fixed the problem. After trying out various things I noticed that the all of my pulley are wobbling like crazy. Therefore I have done an upgrade to GT2 pulleys and belts which was the best thing I have done so far. A 10x10x10mm cube now measures 9.98x9.97x10.02mm. So for everyone out there who also gets wrong dimensions for your x and y axis: Watch your pulleys when you print something or when you just move the printhead. If they wobble then this is most likely your problem.
  2. I just checked all belts and I can say they are quite tight, so no problems there.
  3. Thanks for the ideas. I have done the x and y calibration with the sticks today and it fits perfectly. As much as I remember all of the belts are pretty tight but I will have a look on these as fast as possible.
  4. Thanks for your reply. Today I tried another 10x10x10mm cube with your advice. I adjusted the print speed to 20mm/s and the temperature to 195°. After the print finished I waited some time till everything cooled down to room temperature. As before the height was perfect. The width in y-direction was also great this time with 10,05mm. But just like before the width in x-direction is corrupt with only 9,7mm. As the y-direction shows great results I don't think it is because the material is shrinking too much. Is it maybe a problem with the stepper motor of the x-axis?
  5. Just some weeks ago I bought myself a Ultimaker Original + kit and assembled it. It works great with various things where exact dimensions aren't needed. But as I want to use it mainly for printing special parts for engineering, I checked if it prints the right measurements. I started off with a simple 10x10x10mm cube. After it finished I first checked the height. It was perfect, exactly 10mm. After that I inspected the sides and for the y-direction the measurement wasn't that good, but still acceptable (around 9,93mm). Than I inspected the other side and it was only 9,65mm wide. I suspected some kind of error in the x-direction and therefore I wanted to try another thing. For the next test I printed this piece for calibration: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:195604 As before I checked the height first. It was perfect with exact 5cm. Than I inspected the y and x-directions. They should be both 10cm long. Keeping the previous results in mind I expected some major issue in the x-direction. But this time both sides have roughly the same value, 9,963cm in x-direction and 9,955cm in y-direction. I am totally satisfied with the results for the second test. I know that the material (in this case PLA) shrinks when it cools down and I can live with these small variations, especially as they are nearly the same on both axis. The problem is the wrong dimension for the x-direction of the first print. As a lot of the parts I want to print are relatively small I want some more accurancy here and as the result for the y-direction is much better I expect some kind of issue with the x-axis. Do you experienced the same problem or have a possible solution for this? If you are interested in the printing settings: Temperature: 200° Heated bed: 70° Layer height: 0,2mm Printing speed: 50 mm/s Nozzle (standard): 0,4mm
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