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  1. Is this what you were referring to? I have also posted an image of my run time stats, I didn't realize this was a wear item that needed replaced. I will try to make a test print tomorrow in Cura for comparison.
  2. Hello, I have owned my UM2E+ for about a year and half now and I have never been able to utilize the full volume of my printer. I have pretty well tuned in high detail and engineering grade prints a higher resolutions but I have never been able to successfully print much beyond 0.1mm layer heights. Every attempt I have made has massive amounts of under-extrusion between the layers causing the print to either fail or be incredibly weak upon completion. This increased layer height should very well be achievable on this printer and should enable me to make much larger prints in "sane" time frame
  3. How does the controller find Z Zero? I am using feeler gauges to level the bed and I am wondering how thin is too thin? If I use a .0015 gauge to level the bed does this create an issue with the extrusion on the brim and first layers? It would be helpful general knowledge to know how the machine records its set positions from home (0,0,0) and if this is pre-programmed into the machine or if it is recorded during the bed leveling procedure. Thanks,
  4. Hello, I'm obviously new here and new to the 3D printing game but I recently bought an Ultimaker 2+ Ext and I am looking to both tinker and produce usable mechanical components for the FIRST robotics program I mentor. I am an engineer by trade and I know the typical applications of plastics like POM, ABS and Nylon for small mechanical components and I'd like to apply some of this to the demo pieces that I print. The biggest issue I see going through most of the material forums both here and on other sites is adhesion to the build platform due to warping. Now that I have my printer and I am s
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