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  1. Thank you, this fixes the import of the temperatures. But unfortunately you still can't change the sequence of the materials. For example, I switched NGEN and NYLON, and this is the results after exporting them: [material] name=NGEN temperature=240 temperature_255 temperature_240 temperature_255 temperature_255 temperature_255 bed_temperature=80 fan_speed=50 flow=100 diameter=2.85 [material] name=NYLON temperature=255 temperature_240 temperature_255 temperature_240 temperature_240 temperature_240 bed_temperature=45 fan_speed=0 flow=100 diameter=2.85 As you can see, only the second temperature value (for the 0.25 nozzle) is correct, the other ones are switched. Not so tragic, just something to keep in mind.
  2. Luckily I was watching the printer as this happened, otherwise it would have looked a lot worse
  3. I recently had the unfortunate pleasure of the print head crashing into the right side wall of my printer while printing a part that was located on the far right side of the bed. I successfully replicated this problem today with a test file, and it seems that the standard machine setting of 230mm for the width of the build plate is not correct for my printer. I did not change any machine settings and am running Cura 15.04.4. As shown in the first picture the part is well within the allowable print space. Yet when it prints the outline the print head nearly touches the side panel on the second step already, and it would do another 4 steps at 1mm each, resulting in a crash. In the second picture you can also see the scratch from the last crash. Did anyone else notice this? I now reduced the maximum width in the machine settings to 225mm, this fixes the problem for me at the moment. Nevertheless I find it rather strange that I have to mess with this setting at all.
  4. Also, the sequence of the newly created materials cannot be changed in material.txt, since the nozzle temperatures are bound to the list position, and not to the material name.
  5. I walk you through the steps what I have done right now. Like in your link described, I created a new material named Custom2 on the printer Exported it to SD This is what it looked like in material.txt: [material] name=CUSTOM2 temperature=210 temperature_210 temperature_195 temperature_230 temperature_240 temperature_240 bed_temperature=60 fan_speed=100 flow=100 diameter=2.85 Then I edited the material like this: [material] name=NYLON temperature=255 temperature_255 temperature_255 temperature_255 temperature_255 temperature_255 bed_temperature=45 fan_speed=0 flow=100 diameter=2.85 Imported the material from SD. I have to do the import twice!, the changed material name appears only after the second import in the list! Then I exported the materials to SD again And to my surprise the material data is now a mix of my settings and some of the temperature settings that were originally stored in material CUSTOM2: [material] name=NYLON temperature=255 temperature_210 temperature_195 temperature_230 temperature_240 temperature_240 bed_temperature=45 fan_speed=0 flow=100 diameter=2.85 So it seems that the import function doesn't properly write all the parameters into system memory. Even changing the temperature setting of NYLON then on the printer directly didn't make them persistent. After furiously switching the SD card between printer and laptop for a while now this seems to be the only way to make it work at the moment: Select Customize on the printer, adjust settings and save as new preset After this step, the nozzle temperatures for this material cannot be changed persistently, neither on the printer, nor with material.txt The name and the rest of the settings can be changed on both the printer or the materials.txt On a side note, the Export to SD function crashed the printer firmware four times over the course of this test.
  6. Hi @SandervG, thanks for the welcome. I did not create a new material on the Ultimaker itself, since I found the steps needed to achieve that rather confusing . I exported the three standard materials to SD, then edited the file with Notepad++ and added a fourth one, and then imported it back in the printer.
  7. Hello, I tried adding a new material to the materials.txt and importing it in the printer. After choosing the new material in the settings and starting a print, I then encounter one of the following three scenarios: The nozzle temp is not the correct one (e.g. 245° specified in materials.txt but the printer uses 230°) The nozzle temp is shown as 0° in the tune menu during bed warmup (as usual) and switches to -1° when the nozzle is supposed to heat up The nozzle temp is immediately shown as -1° after during the bed warmup In case 2 and 3 the printer then starts printing as soon as the bed temperature is reached, but without heating up the nozzle and (luckily) without extruding. The settings for bed temperature und fan work as expected. Is my printer the only one behaving this way or is it a known problem? Also, I have to import the materials.txt every time after powering down the printer. Is this supposed to work this way or are the material settings normally meant to be persistent in the printer?
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