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  2. I made dry boxes for my filament. A tray in the bottom holds the desiccant. A short piece of teflon tubing goes between the box and the feeder. They also have the advantage of being beside the printer instead of the back. In the back may make the marketing types happy because it looks nice but it is near impossible to monitor the filament. I also added a cover (and a door) to my printers. They completely eliminate warping and cracking problems printing ABS. I haven't tried polycarbonate or nylon yet. The boxes barely fit for printing on my UM2 haven't tried on my UM3 (the print area
  3. Larry


    Version 1.0


    These are replacement spool holders for the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker Go. The one for the UM2 is shorter than the one supplied to keep the spool better positioned with relation to the feeder. The one for the UM go is a little longer to allow the use of standard 1 kg spools. Both have a roller to reduce the turning friction (and squeeking) of the spool.
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