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  1. Thanks again for the help! So I finally got a USB cord to connect to the printer and it seems that the center location is off. I center the head using the center button in pronterface. I can move 100 mm in the -x direction and 95 mm in the -y direction. My total movement in x is 225 mm and my total movement in y is 224 mm so the center is a significant distance off. How can I change what the Ultimaker recognizes as the center of my print?
  2. I decided to test the print and watch it closely to see if it encountered any problems. I had to cancel it after less than 10 minutes. On the right side, the fans were bumping into the wall. On the front side, the extruder hit the endblock. The attached photos show what happened to the print as a result. There was extra space on the opposite sides (left and back) though so it seems that the extruder is slightly off center. I tried homing the extruder but I printed again and got the same result. I have not tried bending the trigger switches yet, but based on the photos, do you think it could make enough of a difference that the print would work? Also, do you have any other suggestions for what could fix this? I have access to 3 other Ultimaker 2 extended printers so if every UM2 is different, do you think it might work on one of those?
  3. Thank you so much for the detailed and helpful response. I have been trying to find the correct USB cord that would allow me to connect to the printer but unfortunately where I am working does not have it. We do all of our prints through an SDHC card. Do you know of another way that I could find the true maximum dimensions of my printer?
  4. I changed the max dimensions to 223x223x305 and it would not work but at 224x224x305 it will now print. Will extending the width and depth dimensions 1 mm past the actual dimensions effect the print or should this be fine?
  5. I am using an Ultimaker 2 Extended+ as my machine and my settings are the default settings for this machine. The max dimensions are 230 x 225 x 315 mm. My print is within the dimensions although it is close. Why is this print not able to be printed? Does it have to do with the printer head size? Thanks in advance for any help.
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