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  1. Thanks for fixing my vague title--I realized it was super vague after posting it and never got around to fix it. Did you do any large prints on your 3? My z axis hardly moves while printing, so I don't think the bed is that off--besides it prints PLA perfectly. I suppose my next step would be to try some Ultimaker NFC ABS.
  2. I'm using the same material as I did--in fact, it's the same roll I had pulled out of the UM2+. I agree that 80c is a bit low, but with the same abs juice, I had no problem with it sticking in the um2+. In terms of bed leveling, I had not even bothered with it since the 3 does auto leveling right? I hear the knocking sound (discussed in another thread--took me a while to discover what that sound was), which is the Z axis going up and down to compensate. The only difference in enclosing the machine is that in my um2+ I have a full plexiglass enclosure whereas in the 3, the top is partially enclosed (front and sides). I also have a door on the 3. I'm not sure if it'll affect it that much by letting some of the air vent out the top back of the printer
  3. For the life of me, I cannot get ABS to stick on the bed of my UM3. I've tried blue tape, ABS juice, glue stick, cleaning all the oil off the glass, etc. It always lifts off the glass. Temps are Cura defaults for ABS. Using auto bed level. Compared to the UM2+ that I had, the UM2+ printed flawlessly and consistently. Is anyone else having this is issue or can give some insight? The UM2+ had an enclosure over the top and a front door. The UM3 has a front door and a 3 sided top cover--not sure if this is whats causing it but my room isn't drafty.
  4. My Taz is highly modded. Octopi server and changed out all the linear rods to use linear v groove rails. I've been eyeing the the UM2 simply because it looks like there's minimal cleanup at best from all the Youtube videos I've seen. While the Taz has been great to me, it seems like the UM would excel in precision. As far as what I print, pretty much anything. I primarily use PLA or PETG. Just as an example, I drew and printed a base for my baby monitor so that it can clip onto the edge of the crib. Other stuff, include printer mods, random cool things I find on thingiverse such as the nasa wrench etc. Not doing anything super serious and totally just for fun. With all that said, I guess what I'm expecting with the UM is that I can achieve a cleaner, minimal to no post print processing, and an overall better looking print with no oozing what so ever (like all the YT videos I drool over). I think it would be a worthwhile purchase if you guys think that the UM2+ would complement the Taz 5 in the area of precision and quality.
  5. I have a Lulzbot Taz5 and have been very happy with it. However, I've always been eyeing a UM2 (no + at the time) and have been very impressed by the build quality per the YouTube videos. So I'm looking for some honest and hopefully unbiased feedback as this is a UM forum after all. Does anyone feel I should not get a UM2+ given that I have a Taz 5? I'm not using it for business or anything, started 3d printing a few years back and I just enjoy it a lot.
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