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  1. Running prints on a 2+ Extended and recently started getting an odd almost grinding sound when the print head moves in the X-Axis. The sound is actually louder than the usual noises the printer makes while printing. Do not see an issue with the print quality. Any ideas what could be making the noise?
  2. 100-50h compared to 500-2000h print hours is a huge difference. I am not surprised by our problems then. Our average print time for one part is around 30 hours. We have switched to the new coupler but what is this "+ Fixed spacer". There was a spacer that was on the original print head but we are using the olsson block. Is this still applicable? We did verify the fan is running and kicks in at 40C. We had to replace this already as fan started making a lot of noise and assumed the bearing was going out. Excellent response and thank you.
  3. Printing PLA at 210 on an UM2E will have a number of prints that run fine with no issue. Then will have one print like this. New to 3D printing but this appears to me to be an under extrusion issue. Have had the printer less the a year and have are on our fourth coupler. I do not know how frequently this needs to be done. 3rd Coupler (used with print in image above) Is the image of the print solely and under extrusion issue? How often do the couplers need to be replaced. I do not view our printer as being heavily used. Some of the print jobs are running up to 30 hours but the machine will sit idle for a week (est.). I was looking for the file "MiniCalTest" but only able to find "._MiniCalTest.gcode" on the card. Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.
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