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  1. I think I get it. Doesn't work in reverse though. (At least for single walls) I tried increasing the line width to cover that second pass but then it wont slice the wall. Either way, I'm definitely going to have a play with this new information. Thanks! Also, I guess I have been increasing the overlap whenever I seen an issue or trying to fill gaps ect. What's technical difference between changing the line width vs. changing the overlap?
  2. What can I say. Sometimes I get in the paint and I charge hard. Then I'm like meh, and lose interest. When this happens are the extrusions recalculated to 7/8 as well, or is this in a way creating an over extrusion? Or Is this just a way to force an overlap? Does this create a dual overlap alongside the existing overlap settings?
  3. It was never about just taking my word. Trust me, I don't take anyone's word in this either. And I tell people to do the same. However this wasn't my word, or my opinion, or what I thought. It was my findings. I've also never been accused of being a good teacher. And when people ask me to teach them, I say no, I'm not a good teacher. While my explanations are correct, some may not understand. While I tried a few ways, I guess they all seemed the same to you. If I'm trying to describe the color red. All I got is "It's red" "Its not blue". That's just how my brain works. I too grew u
  4. Actually, the only issue i had was your continual arguments of your opinion against facts i brought to the table. Facts you didnt struggle to understand, but blatently ignore, and continue with your opinion. And literally, who opens up cura and prints with the default settings. I had to change plenty before i even start to print, even the filament diameter was wrong. So arguing about default settings is moot. Either way, the line width means nothing. I have changed the line width multiple times/sizes and no combination of wall thickness vs. line width will create a single wall. Or
  5. I explained they are not "stacked" on each other. they are overlapped.. Stacked would mean a new wall is printed on top of the original. Overlapped means they are not stacked. It is slightly offset and the slow 1% extrusion is creating a new wall that is joined to the previous wall.. HUGE difference in realities. I did explain myself, also The first reply understood EXACTLY what I was talking about. It is not my fault you chose to jump into a conversation you did not grasp es of plastic one on top of the other. That is not ignoring physics. That is observation
  6. So if you acknowledged the difference WAY back when. Why were you persistant in saying that you can print single walls. And yes it is a fault. When you blatently ignore facts being given to you.. Just because YOU cannot understand whats being said, does not make it untrue. It does not allow you to revert back to your own reality, ignoring the math of the gcode when the line plot shows 2 walls being printed, when you ignore the physics when way back you admited to visually watching 2 walls being printed. Then continue to say, you print single walls all the time. Which is comp
  7. Statement - me. "I'm trying to design models as "vase mode". I model in Fusion360 and my latest endeavor is that a few projects require single wall prints." Explanation - me - "After some troubleshooting, I found in the gcode. It turns out that the "rewind" is actually printing that extra little bit of wall. (I need/want this part to not happen) " AGAIN - What im trying to accomplish - (I need/want this part to not happen) you - "print in vase mode" Me - I'm really not trying to print a vase. Also the model is quite complex, it's about 90% "vas
  8. Im not conpletely sure what you mean. As how is it configured as .35mm? When i break down the gcode the overlap is super agressive at a thickness of .4007mm or was overlapped at a .001mm difference. Damn near on top (But not on top). If i try to go much under that, or even at a .4mm it does not slice the wall correctly. I also have my line width set to .4mm the same as my nozzle size. If cura was configured to lay down a .35mm line, wouldnt the overlap be less agressive as theres that .05 + the rest of the wall thickness? Either way smartavionics came up with the idea tha
  9. I did explain. I wanted a single wall. It was not printing a single wall and it was giving me issues with loss of prime. You kept saying it was printing a single wall. And I said it wasn't. You got it to print and tried to say that it was still a single wall, and I explained again. So I brought out some gcode to prove that it was not an actual single wall, but overlapping walls. You said it was still giving me an appearance of a single wall, while I still kept saying that I don't want an appearance, I want an actual single wall.. You were stuck on the appearance while I was trying to get the a
  10. I never said you called me a noob, I was asking if you were calling me a noob. You need to slow down on your reading. Also I am not making fun of any disability. I never said my way of explaining things was superior. I spent 3 pages trying to get you to understand the "difference" between cura printing single walls and not printing single walls. And my issue was that I could NOT print single walls outside of vase mode. and you continued to say that I could and its possible. Even From the first reply people said this was a known issue within Cura. you continued to say - well I can p
  11. So now I'm a noob? You sure are backtracking pretty quick from "nothing is lost in translation" to "I can get communications messed up" Oh the things that make me giggle... Either way, I still have to say thank you. If it wasn't for your misunderstanding and keeping this thread alive, I don't think smartavionics would have seen it nor had ideas to springboard the development into fixing a known issue. Danke. smartavionics, if you have a donation link, I would like to shoot you a few pennies for your gracious support in this matter. Solving this i
  12. WOW! hats off smartavionics! It seems to slice it perfect At least for the layers I skimmed through. I cannot wait for this feature to become available. Sorry kmanstudios. I know its overlapping walls, I knew that from the first reply. I am not trying to create an 'appearance' of a single wall. I want to 'print' a single wall. (but not in a vase mode). Not only would it help my loss of prime issues, it would cut down my print times. Ya know, because its not printing 2 walls. the difference between my slice and smartavionics slice took off 20min in a 1h12m print.
  13. I understand this is how Cura slices thin walls. I have accepted that, but somewhere down the road it got turned into this. I guess because I didnt see a single walled print. I see 2 overlapping walls. and when you break down the gcode, I can SEE that 2 walls are in fact overlapped. The whole purpose of the D was really not to print it, but to create a single walled print without vase mode. Also to demonstrate how it backtracks with the minimal extrusion issue. I cant print it at the moment, Im not even trying because my goal is not to print a 2 walled D. But that's pretty cool sma
  14. Spiralize creates a vase mode. Im not trying to print a vase. I have designed a model with A LOT of vase style walls, yet other parts of the print have thicker areas that do require infill. Spiralized will not slice the entire print correctly. Nor at the same time will Cura slice a single wall. Cura overlaps 2 walls. Here is a super quick test print I just whipped up to show the tool path. Simple square, I believe a .41 offset as well ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1800 X125.21 Y74.79 E0.08385 G1 X125.21 Y125.21 E0.1677 G1 X74.79 Y125.21 E0.25155 G1 X74.79 Y74.79 E0.3354
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