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  1. I spent hours doing just that over and over I did everything I could find info on, and it never did a single print that worked. that was straight out of the box, in a warm room. the replacement worked instantly. so I do think there was an issue with it.
  2. haha well so far the prints have been fantastic, Last printer was an M3D but i only had it for a few weeks, it burnt holes in the print plate and had all number of problems. the only thing iv had issues with is if the print is made of more than one part, the first part will print perfect then the next will mess up and get caught up in the filament.
  3. Hey Guys, Thanks for all the fantastic help, iv had the machine replaced and the new one is setup and printing the ultimakerbot with out any issues, so I think the previous machine had some issues that I wasn't able to resolve. but all ends with happy printing. cheers Mike
  4. yep fans are all running, think that link should work
  5. hey guys, So iv been through all the things everyone has suggested several times, and finally made it print, but again the print is a complete mess. other attempts at printing too much comes out before it starts and it just pushes it around making a big build up of filament. close to wanting to send this thing back. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5fxbkc9aou6f7z/IMG_5595.JPG?dl=0
  6. Thanks Gr5 ill pull it right out and cut a length off tomorrow and see how that goes, the move material didn't work as it is so I'm guessing something is blocking up still. By the way great forum guys very helpful Cheers Mike
  7. So iv gone through the manual feeding again, and it extruded fine doing that. put it all back together reloaded the filament, and tried to print and yet again, zero material comes out, so its not blocked. but its not working. added a short video of it starting
  8. thanks ill remove the filament and take another look
  9. Hey Nico, thats the problem no filament extrudes, its like its blocked, but i did the manual clean and had it extruding, but as soon as i try and print, nothing extrudes so i can't get a print to show.
  10. Hi Darkdvd, The first print was just a bunch of mess i scrapped of. since then nothing comes out when i try and print, I have done the Atomic clean method, that worked and filament was flowing again, but as soon as i tried to print again nothing comes out. Cheers guys for taking time to reply Mike
  11. Hi There, Nothing to take a pic of just the machine working but nothing extruding. RE settings I'm using the robot that comes on the SD card as a first test. well thats what i did try. so that comes preset? cheers Mike
  12. Hey new here I got my UM2+ yesterday, and have not managed to get it to print, after setup i tried to do the UM bot and the print before i aborted it was just a mess of dots. iv re-callibrated it about 4 times, iv removed and tried the manual unblocking that got any filament out and it was flowing fine. but if i try and print now nothing comes out at all? any clues has any one had a dud machine? cheers Mike
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