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  1. All, I received an Ultimaker 2 Extended a couple of months ago and just recently installed the Olsson block it came with. The temperature sensor in the original block (0.46mm nozzle) was warped out of shape and could not be removed so I installed the spare temperature sensor that came with the printer. Ever since I installed the Olsson block I keep getting ERROR--TEMP SENSOR. It happens randomly for the most part, and Ive checked all of the connections to make sure they were okay. I did notice sometimes when I manually adjust the nozzle temperature to say 210°C, the probe will skyrocket extremely fast then give me the error. I have read solutions to this problem, but none of them seem to work for me. Currently, the printer will not load the main interface--it just keeps popping up with the error. I've tried soft resetting the printer, I did a factory reset whenever I first installed the probe, connections were checked multiple times... I am unsure of what to do from here. Is there possibly something wrong with the printer itself? I read the Cura software can make it not work correctly, but seeing the printer wont even load the main interface, Im assuming this problem stems from a different source. If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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