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  1. Ok Didier, je n'avais pas encore identifié le forum en Français C'est noté. Merci pour tes conseils. Je teste cela ce we.
  2. yes, I mean clog the nozzel. I will provide the results this we ! thanks again.
  3. Hello. The prblem is that if I go hotter, it stuck the nose at the very beginning of the print. I will try 255 and fan off this we. Thanks for your help !!!
  4. Hello and thanks for your feedback. I am fan on. I tried hotter., until 260. It stuck the nose around 260. At 250, same result. The joints have the same dimensions. With PLA, very small space between the axis and the finger. Will try fan off this we
  5. Hello all, I succeeded quite good to print a finger with PLA, but I am facing issues with ABS. See the comparison here (blue is ABS, grey is PLA) The ABS part is really fragile. It has broken at the extremities. Also, the joint is very loose with ABS. Then, the finger is not straight with ABS, when it is whith PLA: The general rendering with ABS is worst than with PLA: (also for other parts) I am using FormFutura filament. Temperature: 240 °C Raft Layer: 0.24 Speed = 40 Have you any recommendation to improve the prints and make it more solid ? How to improve the joint and keep the dimensions ? Any experience to share ?
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