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  1. I have removed the bowden tube and manually extrude, it seemed fine, no blockage. The Ultimaker is fairly new, 3-4 months old, and i have never taken out the PTFE coupler to inspect. Here are my Cura settings:
  2. I use Cura on my work pc, so i'll post the settings tomorrow, but they were nothing out of the common. Is there a way that i can check if the head is clogged? I've done several atomic pulls and last time i could see through the hole, so i thought it was fine.
  3. Thank you! It's regular 2,85 mm green PLA from Ultimaker. I think it's some kind of blockage, but i don't know where exactly is the problem.
  4. Hello all! This is my very first topic because i was able to solve my previous problems with other topics here, but now i have a problem that i can't solve. Lately, all my prints are bending the filament inside the feeder, as the picture below shows: The feeder is constantly making that ticking sound, i'm not sure it's normal to have so much skipping back. I have cleaned the nozzle with a feel atomic pulls (until i could see through it). Have anyone experienced this problem? Thank you in advance.
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