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  1. Hi all, sorry for the delay, I've found that exporting the gCode from the "full settings" of Cura, in the gcode file there isn't the MTYPE line, so the selected material is used and no alert appears. While, exporting from the "quickprint" Cura's settings, the gcode has the MTYPE line. So now everything is ok, probably I did a bit of confusion between settings and material selection...
  2. Hi all and thanks for the support. I selected the material afte the settings change... here what I did: - exported the materials settings from UM2+ to SD card - removed the SD from UM2+ - inserted the SD into computer's card reader - edited the file materials.txt - duplicated PLA material lines: [material] name=PLA temperature=210 temperature_0.40=210 temperature_0.25=195 temperature_0.60=230 temperature_0.80=240 temperature_1.00=240 bed_temperature=60 fan_speed=100 flow=100 diameter=2.85 - edited cloned lines with new settings [material] name=PLA flex tem
  3. Ok, changing the MTYPE line with a text editor, matching the name of the custom material (PLA flex) the printer accepts the settings... but I have to do it every time, so it does not seem possible to override Cura's settings, at least for materials
  4. Hi nallath, how can I ignore the warning leaving the printer use the custom material settings? Selecting "Cancel" the print doesn't start, while selecting "Continue", the printer switch to default PLA settings (then the profile exported with Cura)
  5. I'm using 15.04.4 too... Looking at the first few lines in the .gcode file, I have the following: So I can change "MTYPE" to match the material's name set on the printer, but what about the line: ";MATERIAL:2473" ? What is it, some kind of material code? About the Marlin version, how can I check it? I just purchased my UM2+ and I never changed it... Thanks for the support guys :-)
  6. I know the "tune menu workaround" but I should re-set every time... I'm using Cura 15.04.5 with default PLA settings I set a new material on the printer And selected it When I try to print a file exported with Cura and PLA profile
  7. Hi there, I set a custom material settings on my Ultimaker 2+ (material -> settings -> customize) and I saved it as custom but, when I try to print a file on SD card exported from Cura (last version) with PLA profile, the printer notifies me: "This file is created for a different material" and It leaves me two choices: "Cancel" -> doesn't print; "Continue" -> printing begins but with standard PLA settings, ignoring the custom settings... How do you print with custom settings?
  8. Hi, I resume this thread because I'm try to print with a customized material (I've edited the txt file and added settings for Flexible PLA) but when I select the file to print on the UM2+, the printer notifies me that the file was designed for another material and gives me two options: "Continue" and "cancel". Pressing continue, the settings changes to the material chosen in Cura (PLA). How can I tell the printer to maintain the selected material settings also if different from one set in Cura?
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