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  1. Hi, I'm still quite new in 3D printing and just recently bought an Ultimaker 2+. I noticed during printing that certain sporadic trails of filament occurs during print, when the print head moves to shift direction. I find it a bit strange as filament i partly deposited during print head movement. I wonder if this is caused by improper build plate calibration or if this can be adjusted somehow via settings. I also see the movement trails in Cura, but I'm not sure if it is normal that the printer deposits filament during the head movement. Any advise of this?
  2. Hi, I have just bought a brand new ultimaker 2+ and during the build plate calibration process is stumpled across that the Y-axis spindle pin isn't fully inserted/locked into the plastic part. I wonder if this is normal (as it should be). I tried to push gently on the pin to see if it would snap in, but it looks like the cutout in the plastic support actually is to small. I am hesitating to push with higher force in case that it isn't the intention that the pin should be completely snapped in. Please take a look at the picture. Hope for some advise...
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