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  1. For the past month I have been fighting warping on my Ultimaker 2+, no matter what I try I cannot get a print larger than 2x2" to not warp. It hasn't always been this way, but it feels like it's been a while since I've had a warp free print! Any idea how to fix this? Things I've already tried: Blue painters tape - Heated bed turned off Hairspray Glue Stick Clean glass build plate I've tried the above (With the exception of the painters tape) with the following settings & techniques: Printing with a large brim (8mm+) 50c 55c60c 65c 70c heated bed 205c 210c 215c 220c 22
  2. Don't know if the issue I recently experienced is related, but earlier today my firmware got corrupted randomly. No signs of lights or anything, everything appeared dead. Was able to plug in the machine via USB to a PC and re-update the firmware. Booted back up like a charm. Worth a shot!
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