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  1. I want to have a duel print head, a auto leveler, filiment monitor, and good for any size print table. Have a couple in the running. Peak all Chita V3.9 with DP 28 2.8" touch screen and,Any cubic integrated pic board. I will build my new printer around this new mother board. So bury me in choices.
  2. Thank you again for caring and the help.
  3. It worked the install and fan works. Always a but, the sub cable when I plug it in crashes Windows (10) and it reboots. Error is system thread exception not handled ? SD card is great.
  4. Trying to do a clean install of cura 15.04.6 but its still there the M127 and the M126 When I reinstalled cura all my setup of the printer was there (Prusa Mendel i3). No clean start?
  5. Running print and fan came on at .4 Wow it is working....... Thank you every one for all the help now how do I fix cura from doing this so I don't have to edit every print or just use Slicer in Repetier any thoughts. or when I installed cura did I do something?
  6. Yes that is my printer and I found the problem, not sure on the fix though. Ok when cura is slicing my print in the ;layer1: found M126 T0 ;value=127 OMG it is trying to open a valve. I edited the code for M106 S255 and saved it and will print next, to see.
  7. Post 3: Continue,,USB print one of mine, and fan started as soon as print head moved off home! So some thing in your slice WORKED.
  8. Thank you I'll try it. Post 2: I was so not sure, I stopped the print 3 times (and resumed printing from fresh) and every time the fan came on at .3 when the first layer was done. Now haven't printed through the USB cable since I first got the printer, because can't pause and resume, don't have the Plug in that gives me that option. So I 3d print from a SD cards. In-order to use your G-code Print I had to do this. How do I read your gcode in cura 15.04.6 only find my start and stop gcode not the sliced code? looked every where. Thank you one part of the puzzle solved! now what? I'll print one of my prints through USB.
  9. Expert config is 1, 100,100, 20 and box is checked, and there is no code M106 S255 any where like that I put in M106 only it was M107. thank you for helping me, bob. Edit 1: do you have a small print (sliced) I could try that works on your printer and may be it would set my straight. A thought.
  10. Yes the cooling fan is checked and I have a Prusa i3 if it is checked why does the fan not come on and why would they have the fan set to off? And when the fan is set to off will the cool feature still turn on the fan? When I first put it together and the fan never came on I emailed HicTop and they said I have to check the box to enable cooling fan but it was?
  11. To IRobertI, this one blows down to the print in front of the extruder. And it never turned on unless I turned it on the input at the printer as it is printing in Tune.
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