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  1. @lrobertl i have version 15.04.6 and i cannot find that setting can you help me?
  2. that would be great, i have i believe the latest version on my computer at home, i'll look tonight when i get home thanks
  3. Hoping to revive this topic, I see it is 2 years old. I am fairly new to 3D printing but a "raft" function built on top of the support would be a great feature to add to Cura. I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but even a few lines of g-code that could be inserted into the generated G-code would be amazing. I use a single extruder so using soluble material is out of the question for me. I find i have to sand ALLOT where the support material is, (adding significant time and cost) or design models as assemblies eliminating the support structure all together. redesigning someone else's model adds its own set of problems.
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