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  1. For about 15 months we were very happy with our Ultimaker2 printer, and amazed by the quality of the prints. However, recently, it startet to make problems: Sometimes the printtable moved down few cm during a print, with the print "hanging in the air" afterwards. Sometimes, the table also moved very fast during init... Very recently, also the y-axis started to make problems, with the printer suddenly making a larger step in Y, and the print afterwards "hanging in the air" again. Today now, suddenly the extruder motor stopped working, and the controller-ic from extruder1 is getting very hot directly after poweron, independently wether the motor is connected or not. Obviously, the controller board is broken :-) How can one quickly get a new controller board, and is this maybe (after 15 months) still covered by warrenty ? Would it otherwise make sense to try to change only the stepmotor ics (A4988) on the board ? But so far i could find no vendor offering this chip with acceptable delivery times. Any help or advice is very welcome, we need the printer back working as fast as possible :-) Best regards, Christian
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