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  1. thanks a lot guys! i will try every advice and i hope it will work otherwish i will forworth it to you for more advice
  2. Hi SandervG and avogra! Thank you very much! At our university we use an ultimaker 2+ without any problems. I was so intrested in 3D printing I build a 3D printer by my own. Kinda like the Prusa I3. I'm printing on a plain glass with some tape on for a better surface. But i don't know or it's helping. I have to say that the room, where i'm printing in, is under the roof and kinda warm (25°C). When i'm printing I try to close the windows and doors so there is no ventilation in the room. Maybe I can start again with calibrating the distance between the nozzle and the glass.
  3. Hello Im using PLA 1.75mm and Repetier for slicing my objects. My heated bed is: 60°C and my nozzle has a temperature of 185°C. Everytime i'm trying to print anything the first layer relaeses from the heated bed. For the first 3 layers I set off the cooling fan, next to the nozzle to make sure the filament is cooling down more slowly. Even if i reduce the printspeed, the filament still relaeses from the surface of the heated bed. Anyone who can help me? Thanks in advance! Xavier
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