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  1. Hi Guys, Any idea on why this happens in some areas of this thin wall print? It's part of an RC Airplane wing. It happened at the top of the print and a small patch halfway up. Using Ultimaker clear PLA at 215degC, plate at 60degC, 30mm/sec print speed. Didn't seem to happen with exact same settings using White PLA or an earlier version on the other half of the wing (opposite side). Could the room temperature cause this? Was a bit warm in the room where the printer lives today. Cheers Jason
  2. It is a genuine Ultimaker brand PLA 2.85mm.
  3. Hi Folks, I am trying to print a 3D Radio Controlled Plane from the guys at 3dlabprint.com. They do all the hard work and just provide ready to print files. I succeeded in doing a test print in white PLA but in changing over to clear filament, I am having no end of trouble. It seems that it is either too hot (at 230degC) and melts the model in places, block the nozzle and them spurts out brown stained (burned) globs of material. Or too cold (at 215degC) and prints what looks like morse code (dot dash dot dash) and you can hear the material drive slipping while trying to feed material thro
  4. Hi All, Does anyone have any ideas of why the Ultimaker 2 using ABS might create such a variation in quality across the one print. There are 5 identical components in this print with vast differences in print quality (seems to get worse going from the one it prints first to the last one). See attached photo and profile. Thanks Jason [profile] layer_height = 0.1 wall_thickness = .8 retraction_enable = True solid_layer_thickness = 0.5 fill_density = 100 nozzle_size = 0.4 print_speed = 30 print_temperature = 255 print_temperature2 = 0 print_temperature3 = 0 print_temperature4 = 0
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