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  1. Found a solution myself moments after posting this. I figured if i put brim on the inside too then the supports could print on top of that. It turns out that support would then print on top of that on layer 1 anyway. Weird, maybe a bug in the software?
  2. Hi guys, I'm having trouble with my supports. Cura lays the brim and external supports on the first layer, but then the internal support doesn't appear until layer 2 causing it to print incorrectly. How can I get around this as I've spent the last couple of hours looking and can't find a solution in the settings? Cura 2.3.0 Thanks in advance for your help
  3. Hi guys, First post here. Been printing mostly trouble free for close to 3 months now but have come across an issue after updating to the latest firmware for my UM2E+ and the latest Cura BETA. My prints always start with the cooling fans at 100% and from what I understand, my settings are correct, but they're obviously not if the fans keep coming on instantly. Here are my settings, I'm sure someone will be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any help.
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