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  1. Thanks Nicolinux and greet_2. I'll try to change to another spool. Currently trying to print at higher speed.
  2. What do you mean by the incorrect temperature? I have it set at 200C, which is within the range of the suggested temperature for ultimaker PLA.
  3. Well, those controls are disabled with the default setting. This is what happen when i use the default high quality print from cura, while I changed the Retraction minimum travel to 1mm, Travel speed to 150mm/s and temperature to 200C.
  4. Yes. The acceleration and jerk controls are available in Cura for UM2. However, I hav never change the settings for it. May I ask how I should test it out? After my reply post to STEMedTeacher, the print starts to string again with the same settings I've mentioned in the reply.
  5. Thank you STEMedTeacher for your reply. I have not done the pyramid test for the settings before. I was using square cubes to test it out. This is a test I've just done, changing the Retraction minimum travel to 1mm, instead of the default 0.7mm, travel speed at 120mm/s from default, combing is on, and temperature of the print as 200C. Then as it is printing, I change the retraction length from 6.5mm (where there's thin stringing visible) to 4.5mm of the default (where I started to spot long stringing forming) then I change it to 6mm after 5 layers of 4.5mm setting that shows visible stringing. 6mm retraction length works well at the beginning (after the last stringing at the center or middle-height of the print), but starts to show more stringing towards the end. The second print (a different model), has the same setting, except for the increase in travel speed to 150mm/s.
  6. This curved truss structure, almost 12" tall, took a total of 5 days, using Cura 2.3. There are blobs and stringing all over it. I have changed the temperature to 195C, Material flow kept at 100%. I am wondering if this is because of the retraction problem. The setting is as follow:
  7. Yes, apparently it is clogged. I do have olsson block. I guess it is possible to print using 0.4 nozzle with wood filament until a certain amount, then it'll start clogging, but recommended to use 0.6? Thanks gr5!
  8. I use speed, temperature and retraction according to what colorfabb suggested ( http://learn.colorfabb.com/how-to-print-with-woodfill/ ). I am using 0.4mm Nozzle, 0.27mm layerheight, 105% material flow, 205C nozzle temperature, 70mm/s speed. The first 3 prints are printed fine, however, when the 4th one is printing, the printer suddenly stopped extruding and black liquid came out after more than 5 hours had passed. So, I cleaned it using the atomic method and the charred part comes out of the nozzle. The STL files has been checked, it’s water-tight, no errors. So, it might be the nozzle problem, but we are not exactly sure about it. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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