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  1. I agree with your analysis. So there are two possible reasons 3) Isolator - this is most common if you've printed extra hot (>240C) for a few hours or regular temps (220C) for 500 hours. 7) clogged nozzle - I have not done printing at high temp so clogging is most likely the issue. Since I have tried cooling and pulling out filament, is there any video showing how to disassemble the extruder and do a more though cleaning? BTW, what official UM parts do you think I need to fix the issue ?
  2. The PLA filament is fine. I measured the diameter and the number is 2.85mm. I have been using the same filament and setup. I got good prints on upgraded 2+ until this issue showed up. I tried slowing the speed only to 30% but there is little extrusion at 210. If I increase the temperature to 230 and above, it can extrude but the quality of printing is much worse (fragile prints and higher failure rate). I also tried lowering temperature to 90 and then pulling the filament out of extruder to clean up , which seems not working. Before I made the upgrade from ultimaker 2 to 2+ (changing bo
  3. Thank you the reply. Picture is as below. I tried slowing the speed and increasing temperature to 240. Though I got better results than before, the same issue still exists. The prints are still fragile and brittle. Is there other reason or how to resolve the underextrusion problem?
  4. Hi I upgraded from ultimaker 2 to ultimaker 2+. I am using 2 mm PLA filament and 100% infill. At the beginning, it prints well. After about 100 hours printing, the printouts start having holes and are very fragile. I tried increasing the temperature to 230 but did not solve the problem. Any idea why this is happening and how to fix ? Thanks. Peng
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