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  1. Thanks for your reply. If I heat the bed first I can heat the hotend. If I start with the hotend the ultimaker reboots and doesn't heat up. Does this mean that you always have to heat up the bed first?
  2. Is it a good idea to connect the heater with the heater bed? I know the bed works, so I guess if the heater is the problem it should not work (although brand new). Thx Jasper
  3. Hi all, I'm currently finishing the set-up of my UMO+. Before loading the filament you have to heat up the nozzle by selecting PLA1 in the preheat menu. When I select this the Ulticontroller switches off and immediately starts up again but doesn't heat up. I checked the wiring for mistakes or bad connections, but couldn't find anything wrong. Does anyone have an idea what's going wrong? Thx in advance, Jasper
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