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  1. Hi All, I have experienced grinding with ColorFabb NGEN Flex on my ultimate 2+ extended - I need to reduce the tension on my feeder - currently the feeder tensioner is set to the middle position, do I need to adjust this up or down to reduce the tension? The support materials on the website aren't clear on this point. Thanks!!
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply, yes the temperate of the nozzle is around 23c (room temperature) and never increases past that. I have check the heater wires and they are correct inserted into (HEATER 1) on the main board. I have also stripped the insulation on the end of the wires incase there was a bad connection - but this hasn't fixed the issue. I assume the wires can be inserted into the holes of HEATER 1 in any order? Could the heater be faulty? Could I use the heater cable from my old UM2 extruder or are these different on the UM2+? Thanks,
  3. Hi All, I purchased the Ultimaker 2+ extrusion upgrade kit and installed it this evening, in my Ultimaker 2 Extended. When the print head is trying to heat up I’m getting the on screen error "ERROR - STOPPED Heater Error Go to: ultimate/ER03”, I’ve tried the following: 1) upgraded to the latest Ultimaker 2+ extended firmware via Cura 2) Checked the connections on the main board 3) The nozzle is not touching the metal fan shroud (as stated in the support article) 4) I’ve check that the header cartridge and PT100 B sensor are fully inserted into the back of the hot end (as stated in the support article) Is there anything else that I can try? Thanks, Phil.
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